Retirement Notice for Johnny C. Chaney
Member Name: Johnny C. Chaney
Assignment Station 27C
Rank: Lt.
Retirement date: September 27, 2022
Party Location: Station 27
Party Date: September 18, 2022
Party Time: 2 – 4 p.m.
Comments: Lt. Chaney is retiring after 37 years of Distinguished service to the Dallas Fire Department and the citizens of Dallas. We would like to extend an invitation for all to come and join us in wishing him a great retirement. Any questions about the party should be directed to Captain Janek or Casey Towery at 27’s. Donations towards his retirement can be sent to the same individuals.

Retirement Notice for Shelly Henderson
Member Name: Shelly Henderson
Assignment Station 4 A
Rank: DE
Retirement date: October 11, 2022
Comments: “After 30 years of serving the citizens of Dallas, Shelly Henderson is retiring. She rode the MICU at 17’s, 57’s, 41’s and 20’s before moving to the Tiller at 20’s. She then became a command tech, where she has served for the last 12 years. It was in this role that she found her niche. Her ability to maintain her composure brought calmness to even the most stressful situations. We all wish Shelly and her husband, James, the best in their retirements.”
Submitted by: J. Ball

We have not been getting retirement notices from DFD any more. If you know of anyone retiring that would like a notice to be published, have them send us an email at