June 3, 2023

Out-Patient Notices of Illness & Injuries

Out-Patient Information for Retiree Sammy Sline
Sammy Sline has been living at Three Forks Senior Living Center in Forney,TX. For about 3 years. The address is 335 FM 548. Terry May visited with him the other day and reports that visitors are welcome. Sammy’s phone number is 469-412-9784.

Hospital Information for Tracy Murphy, Communications
Member name: Tracy Murphy
Assignment: Communications
Illness / Injury: Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Update:  March 12, 2023  
The Weekend Update: Today Tracy felt a little better! Yeah! She continues to have extreme fatigue. Add G.l. issues and reflux along w/ headaches and even though she’s tired – she doesn’t have very restful sleep. Tracy is being treated for a general blood infection, though they aren’t sure what caused it or how she got it. But you know our Girl is a fighter…so she keeps plugging on. Both yesterday & today she showered and found the strength to walk the
halls, logging 1/4 mile in steps each day!
Tracy is hoping for a good night’s § sleep even if it requires a little help (the night nurse has her back)! We wish the same for
you Trace AND MORE!