Out-Patient Notices of Illness & Injuries

Hospital Information on Retiree Harold Minter
Member name: Harold Minter, Medal of Valor recipient
Service date: Harold was hired by DFD on September 27, 1960
Hospital: U.T. Southwestern Clements Hospital
Comments: Please keep Captain Minter and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Captain Minter was taken to the Hospital by ambulance last night with a subdural hematoma.
UPDATE–June 9, 2022 My dad made a huge improvement today he did a 360 so fast the doctors are in shock at his strength and determination. Prayers are in his favor please wish him a happy birthday June 10! Suzanne Minter.
UPDATE–July 9, 2022 Harold was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

Hospital Information for Tracy Murphy, Communications
Member name: Tracy Murphy
Assignment: Communications
Illness / Injury: Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Admission Date: August 4, 2022
Visitors: No
Hospital: Medical City, Dallas
Hospital Address: 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX.
Comments: 8/4/22 – This update came from Tracy’s sister: “Tracy began her chemo journey on Friday, July 29th. Pleas follow along Tracy’s journey as we pray, fight and attempt to giggle our way through this. Anyone who knows Tracy, knows that she is a fighter (and maybe a little stubborn, too). We plan to fight this on our knees with prayer, a great attitude and a whole lot of humor.” Tracy’s sister, Paige, has established a caring bridge site for Tracy at https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tracymurphy. The site name is tracymurphy. Please follow Tracy’s progress on this site. You can leave her messages, or as she put it, “harassment.” LOL!!! Tracy can not have visitors, other than two family members and no flowers. (em)
8/18/22 Tracy is at home and doing well. She may know Monday about her next bone marrow biopsy.
8/23/22 Tracy had a slight “bump in the road”. Late Monday afternoon when she received her platelets, she returned home and developed chills and a fever. The doctors recommended she report to the E.R. at Medical City. The administered antibiotics and ran some additional tests and she is faring well. With some good antibiotics, her sister said Tracy’s saucy attitude has returned. Continue to send your prayers and anything funny. Tracy loves to hear from her DFD family. (em)