October 4, 2023

In-Patient Notices of Illnesses & Injury

Hospital Information for Captain Tim Sullivan
Assignment: EMS Captain
Illness/Injury: Complications from Cardiac Issues
Admission date: April 2, 2023
Room 825
Visitors: Yes
Hospital: Clements, UT Southwestern, 6201 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas
3/22/23: Please keep Capt. Sullivan in your thoughts and prayers as he is being treated and evaluated for cardiac issues. (em)
4/2/23: From Tim, “I have been approved for a Heart Transplant and am just waiting for the call.”
4/2/23: Please keep Capt. in your prayers as he prepares for the Transplant. He is very appreciative for all the acts of kindness that have been shown him during this time in the hospital. A special thank you to whoever has been been taking care of his yard. (em)

UPDATE — Visitation Information for Luther Jefferson “Sparky” Smith
I received a message from Candy Smith, Sparky’s sister:
“Luther Jefferson “Sparky” Smith is in New Haven Memory Care in Wylie. He is very isolated and would love some visitors from time to time. He will be confused about things that are current but his days in the Fire Dept. are vivid and his favorite subject to reminisce. Sparky’s wife, Rosemary, passed away in June of 2021.”
I checked with New Haven and they welcome visitors at any time. If you are ever in the area, drop by and visit with him for a bit. I have included the phone number of New Haven below for information but the only way to talk to Sparky is to visit in person. (rgf)
New Haven Assisted Living and Memory Care
800 West Brown Street,
Wylie, Texas 75098
Phone 469-415-1481