In-Patient Notices of Illnesses & Injury

Hospital Notice for Wife of Scott Hughes, 39C
Member Name: Scott Hughes
Assignment: 39C
Illnes/Injury: Wife Yvonne suffered AVM hemorrage 
Admission Date: 07/04/2019 
Room: ICU 
Visitors: No
Hospital: UT Health Tyler 
Hospital Address: 1000 South Beckham Avenue 
Hospital City: Tyler 
Comments: 7/4/19 – Yvonne continues to show daily improvement. She has remained off the ventilator and has gone without sedation. Though limited, she is making every effort to feed herself and talk. She will even use sign language to try to communicate. She is desperately wanting to get back to her normal self and life as soon as possible. It does frustrate her to relax and slow down because she wants to keep pushing herself to the limit. She is not out of the woods yet but she is clearly doing everything she can. The neurosurgeon has been pleased with her progress and wants to push her surgery back to next week. Thank you for all the relentless love and support being sent to Yvonne and our family.  (em) 7/9/19 – Yvonne is scheduled for major brain surgery tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. Her surgeon was so pleased and surprised by her improvements that he’s ready to take action now. Yvonne is fully aware of her situation and is ready for this. All prayers would be appreciated(em) 7/11/19 – “Yvonne did very well with the surgery, just sore. She is scheduled to start therapy this morning. We so much appreciate your thoughts, prayers and the other gestures of love shown to our family during this time.” (em)