In-Patient Notices of Illnesses & Injury

Hospital Notice and Prayer Request for Retiree Ruben Millsaps
Member Name: Ruben Millsaps
Service dates: Hired by DFD on April 1, 1961
Illness/Injury: Neck surgery
Hospital: Baylor Dallas
Address: 3500 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX
Visitors: No
Comments: Retiree Terry May called from the hospital and asked for prayers for Ruben and his family.

Hospital Information for Retiree Lynn Brantley
Member name: Lynn Brantley
Service Dates: Hired by DFD August 1, 1963
Assignment: Retired from 34 Station
Hospital: Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman, TX.
Room 317
Visitors: Yes
Comments: 11/3/22 — Lynn Brantley Jr. reports that his dad has been weak and unable to walk. He will be transferred to a skilled nursing facility in the next few days. He is able to take phone calls and loves to visit and talk about old times at the fire station. His number is 972-932-7317. We will send out an update when he is moved.

Visitation Information for Retiree Benny Howard
Service dates: Hired by DFD on 1/1/1970 and retired in September of 2001.
Message from Kay Howard:
Retiree Benny Howard is in Canton Oaks Nursing Home in Canton, TX. It is located at 1901 S. Trade Days Blvd (Hwy 19), across the road from Crossroads Church. He has not been able to have many visitors due to an outbreak of Covid at the facility, but things are starting to improve. They are testing everyone to make sure they are Covid free and hope to start allowing visitors on Monday, August 15, 2022.
The phone number of Canton Oaks Nursing Home is 903-567-0444. It might be a good idea to call before visiting to make sure they are open for visitation.
Memo: Kay would appreciate anyone that can come visit. For those who can’t make it by, his phone number is (214) 536-9804.

UPDATE — Visitation Information for Luther Jefferson “Sparky” Smith
I received a message from Candy Smith, Sparky’s sister:
“Luther Jefferson “Sparky” Smith is in New Haven Memory Care in Wylie. He is very isolated and would love some visitors from time to time. He will be confused about things that are current but his days in the Fire Dept. are vivid and his favorite subject to reminisce. Sparky’s wife, Rosemary, passed away in June of 2021.”
I checked with New Haven and they welcome visitors at any time. If you are ever in the area, drop by and visit with him for a bit. I have included the phone number of New Haven below for information but the only way to talk to Sparky is to visit in person. (rgf)

New Haven Assisted Living and Memory Care
800 West Brown Street,
Wylie, Texas 75098
Phone 469-415-1481