Honor Guard

Ringing the bell at the L.M. Crocker Service.



The primary purpose of the Last Alarm Bell and Honor Guard is to honor deceased uniformed fire service members, active or retired, at their funeral/memorial service. It shall be available to any uniformed member of the Dallas Fire Rescue Department. The DRFFA Executive Board may also approve its use for uniformed fire service members elsewhere and for members of the Armed Forces of the USA.



Honor Guard at the Earl Young Service

The Honor Guard is comprised of volunteers from the uniformed ranks of the Dallas Retired Fire Fighters Association. The Last Alarm Bell Committee is responsible for organizing and training the Honor Guard, developing procedures including uniform standards, communications among honor guard members, and scheduling and care and maintenance of the Last Alarm Bells.


We have two bells available for sounding the Last Alarm, a large bell mounted on a hose cart, generally used outside and a small bell mounted on a stand for use inside.
The bells currently in use for our Last Alarm Services were cast for the DRFFA and are reserved specifically for honoring/memorializing uniformed service members. Denny Burris, Chaplain of the DFR and Dallas Retired Fire Fighters Association, provided the inspiration and leadership to acquire these bells and develop a meaningful Last Alarm Service.

Tragically, the first use of the Last Alarm Bell was at the funeral service for Lieutenant Krodle who died in the line of duty, August, 2011. Though its debut was a sad occasion, it was an emotional introduction of the Last Alarm Bell into the tradition of our Dallas Fire Rescue Department.

Honor Guard at the George Barry Smith Memorial Service