Prayer Requests

Prayer Request for Wife of Retiree W.A. Richardson.
The following answered prayers were shared by W.A.,

I brought Lynette home from the hospital yesterday after the kidney stone had been “blasted” and the tube that had been inserted in her back had been removed. She had a great day and is doing very well. It is possible she may soon be removed from hospice in the near future. Prayers answered. Thank you Lord
There is a stent that will be removed Monday Praying this may be the last part of a successful trip This has been an amazing Journey. Six weeks ago we were preparing funeral arrangements. This is not over yet. But i know that God has answered many Prayers.
I am continuing to pray for Gods Will to be done. Seeing what He has done already, I am asking that He might see His way clear to at step in and repair some of her memory problems that exist. I am asking this in the name of Jesus that God the Father may be glorified.
I hope those of you who believe in the power of Prayer to continue to lift us up. I know it helps as many of you can testify.
I appreciate all of you and am thankful to be a part of this group.

W A Richardson