Out-Patient Notices of Illness & Injuries

10/17/17 Update on Retiree E. G. Harris from His Wife:
E. G. is in Canton Oaks. 1901 S. Trade Days Boulevard, Canton, TX 75103.
He has had a few dips in the past few weeks and his short time memory is gone, the disease has attacked his kidneys now but I don’t want to tell him. His confusion has increased & easily agitated now. It breaks my heart when I go see him and he doesn’t know me.   I know he would love to see some of his old firemen friends.
If any of them happen to be in that area I’m sure he would appreciate a visit or two…I know I would.
Kaye L. Russell- Harris

Hospital Report on Son of James McDade, 32A
Illness / Injury: Son Coen — Malignant Tumor
Admission Date: 6-21-18
Hospital: Medical City, 7777 Forest Lane
Visitors: Yes
6-19-18 If you would be so kind to keep Coen, Jim’s son, in your prayers. The following is an update from Jim: Last week my son Coen had surgery to remove a mass on his right hand. The next day we received the call that the mass was a malignant tumor. Initial pathology shows it to be Embroynal Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a cancer of the muscle and connective tissue. He is being admitted to Medical City Dallas on Thursday to begin a myriad of tests to determine a treatment plan. Coen is strong and will be ready for a fight. (em)
6/25/18 Slight change in diagnosis to Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Coen started Chemotherapy today and is facing a 54 week program. His spirits are high and he is content and ready to fight this cancer, which he called a villain today. Thank you for all of the outpouring of support. It has been amazing. Coen will remain in the hospital until Thursday or Friday and then he will be able to go home. (em)
6/29/18 Coen went home today. If you would like to visit Coen, please text him at 214-629-3877. The McDade family appreciates the love and concern shown Coen during his time in the hospital. If you would be so kind as to keep Coen in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks to come. (em)
7/6/18 “Coen was released from the hospital last Friday. His second round of chemo was Monday. He spent the week at home dealing with the side effects. The schedule for the next year will vary with some weeks with just 1 day of chemo and some with 5 days of chemo. We are trying to get used to the effects and learn how best to deal with them. His spirits are high and he is still his happy self. We can’t thank everyone enough for everything that has been done for Coen.” (em)
7/16/18 “Coen just got home from Chemo. This is a five day week of chemo. So far, no side effects. Last week Coen got stronger and was able to get out and do some stuff and swam in the pool. He is still tired and sore at times, but is doing pretty good overall.