In-Patient Notices of Illnesses & Injury

Hospital Information for Retiree John (Little John) Ellison
Little John Ellison is in the T. Boone Pickens Cancer Center at Baylor Hospital and has been diagnosed with Leukemia. He is in room 618. They are requesting no visitors at this time to keep the chance of infection to a minimum. The family encourages calls to John at 214-865-1618
Please keep John and the Ellison family in your thoughts and prayers.

Hospital Report on Alfredo Cordova, DT02C
Injury: Fractured Ankle
Admission Date: 6-10-18
Hospital: Medical City Plano, 2901 W. 15th St.
Room: South Tower, room 518
6-10-18 Alfredo was admitted to the hospital with fractures to his left ankle. Surgery will take place when the swelling has subsided. (em)
6-12-18 Alfredo was released from the hospital this evening. He wishes to thank the members of DFD for their support. Continue to pray for his full recovery. (em)
6-25-18 Alfredo had surgery yesterday to repair the fractures in his ankle. He was released from the hospital this evening. As he recovers, continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. (em)