In-Patient Notices of Illnesses & Injury

Update on Hospital Information for son of Brian Balo, 19C:
6/14/18 Baby Bryce Balo is having surgery today at 2 p.m. The Balo family would appreciate your prayers for their baby.
6/16/18 Stephanie was released from he hospital this evening.
6/27/18 “Bryce has recently been switched from the neonatal oscillator to a normal pediatric vent and he’s handling it well. Bryce is still in very critical condition. He has been put on dialysis and will eventually need a kidney transplant. The prayers of the DFD family have sustained us. Thank you.” (em)
7/5/18 Bryce had surgery today on his post urethral valve. He did well in surgery. Doctors continue to say they can’t believe how strong he is. Continue to proay for Bryce. (em)
7/25/18 “We are working on his feedings, needs to eat by mouth otherwise they have to give Bryce a permanent feeding tube. He is also getting dialysis fluid increases. Just keep praying. (em)
7/29/18 The Balo’s have asked for special prayers for Bryce as he is having surgery to insert a feeding tube tomorrow. (em)
7/30/18 Bryce’s surgery went very well. Thank you for your prayers.
9/25/18 – Bryce Balo went home today. Continue to keep the Balo’s in your prayers as they transition into the constant care of Bryce. At this time Brian will be Bryce’s caregiver during the day. Assistance with subs for Brian are appreciated. The Balo family wishes to extend their heartfelt thanks to their brothers and sisters in the DFD. They have felt your prayers and your concern over the past several months. (em)