Welcome to the Dallas Retired Firefighters Association Website.  The DRFFA is made up of Dallas Firefighters who have retired from the Dallas Fire Rescue Department.  This website was created to keep our members informed and to help foster a sense of community.

Retirees are active in the community and serve as a great resource for our on duty members.  Retirees help with recruit training, serve on the pension board, serve as critical incident stress volunteers and many other functions.  There are groups of retirees who travel together and meet regularly for information and fellowship.   Welcome to our website.



Item Posted 09-12-14 Assistance Opportunities for Family of David Leos:
David Leos, a 33-year veteran Dallas firefighter, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on August 7, 2014. Doctors at Medical City Dallas say David will be spending the majority of the next year in the hospital, requiring multiple rounds of chemo and possibly a stem cell transplant. David’s wife, Carol, and three young daughters live in Lindale, Texas (over 90 miles from the hospital). The family is facing not only mounting medical bills, but also transportation and lodging costs. They must completely redo major portions of their home to ensure David’s immune system is not compromised in the upcoming year. We have TWO opportunities to lend a hand to the Leos family, to support a brother who has dedicated his life to helping others.

We have another great opportunity to help as well. The Dallas HFFA has developed a Go Fund Me internet based assistance tool on behalf of David and it is up and running. We ask that you consider making a contribution in whatever capacity you can. These are the times we have a chance to step up and come together to directly take care of of a fellow afflicted with a serious medical condition. The fight against Leukemia is all too personal for me and my family, and I can tell you firsthand, these support systems make a world of difference. Giving is easy and just takes a few clicks. Please click on the link below to assist David during these trying times.

Item Posted 10-15-14 Reminder of two upcoming luncheons: Sherman and the Museum:

On Monday November 3 the DFD North Texas Retirees Luncheon at 12:00 noon, at the Golden Corral Restaurant, 900 East US Hwy 82, Sherman, TX. 75090. 903-892-3366

On Tuesday November 11 the Dallas Firefighters Museum will host a Hamburger Luncheon at the Museum. The Auxiliary to Dallas Fire Rescue usually provides deserts. Yum! If you haven’t as yet joined the Museum and made the effort to authorize a Deduction from your Pension Benefit I strongly encourage you to do so.

Note: All Dallas Fire Rescue retirees and their spouses or significant others are welcome and encouraged to attend. It is always a pleasure to see old friends and co-workers.

The Circle Grill Breakfast (Ray McCormack Memorial) is on Nobember 8, 2014: (not on November 1st as announced in the Retiree Outlook posted by the Pension Office) The address for those who haven’t attended before is 3701 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228. We had a good turn out last time and would like to see the same again. All DFD retirees and family are welcome.

Item: (Posted 03-29-2014) Several members have asked why they haven’t been receiving the “Fire Line” published by the Dallas Fire Fighters Association. We have been informed that the DFFA has suspended publication until further notice. No other information available at this time.

Item: (Posted 11-01-2014)  Please notify Pat Warnock at patriciawarnock12@att.net to request calendars or automobile decals.