Welcome to the Dallas Retired Firefighters Association Website.  The DRFFA is made up of Dallas Firefighters who have retired from the Dallas Fire Rescue Department.  This website was created to keep our members informed and to help foster a sense of community.

Retirees are active in the community and serve as a great resource for our on duty members.  Retirees help with recruit training, serve on the pension board, serve as critical incident stress volunteers and many other functions.  There are groups of retirees who travel together and meet regularly for information and fellowship.   Welcome to our website.


Mailing Addresses for DRFFA General Fund, Dues and PAC Fund:
Several people have asked for the mailing addresses to send in either DRFFA Dues checks, General Fund Contribution checks or Pac Fund Contribution checks. The following addresses are the correct ones to mail contributions or dues:
Dues and General Fund checks should be sent to:
P.O. Box 831666
Richardson, TX 75083-1666

PAC Fund checks should be sent to:
PO Box 850863
Mesquite, TX 75185

For the PAC Fund, please make an entry in “Memo” line of your checks that it is for the PAC Fund. For legal reasons and required record keeping we have to keep PAC Funds separate from General DRFFA Funds
Thank you one and all who have made contributions already. It is a start.

Posted 01-26/2017 Important Announcement concerning the Pension Fund and City Negotiations:
DRFFA Members
Yesterday the City blindsided the DPFP Pension Board and all of us. While the Board was mediating in good faith attempting to reach some acceptable means of saving your Pension Plan, the City was using mediation as a stalling tactic until the City Council met today to approve a resolution that “strongly encourages members of the city council who are also Dallas Police & Fire Pension System board members to take all lawful measures, including without limitation retaining outside counsel for the purpose of seeking judicial remedies, to address this dire emergency situation. Judicial action suggested elsewhere in the resolution includes,” for example, receivership, declaratory relief, mandamus, and injunction.” Basically they are seeking to take complete control of the Pension. Results would be devastating to all. Click the following link to read the entire resolution.   
City Resolution

It is time to close ranks. While you may not agree with all the features of any plan/legislation the Pension Board proposes, at this time your DRFFA Board believes that they are indeed trying to craft a way out of this swamp that is the best interests of all involved. Please accept that we are not going to get everything we want or think we deserve. Hopefully we can come out of the tunnel with our pants still on. We are working with all employee representative groups, both active and retired. Realize that there are many concerns represented and compromise is essential. Focus on the most critical issues.

We will be needing funds, as indicated in an earlier email. For public relations we need some articulate and composed members who are willing to share with the public the challenge they face if the city abandons them. We will be trying to organize for a picket of City Hall in an effort to attract media attention. Today, hopefully, there will be a Press Conference at DPA Headquarters to kick off our campaign for public awareness of how the city is treating us. As Pension Board Chairman Sam Friar said today,”We have been trying to work with the City without airing all of our dirty linen, but now this is war”. Be ready to help where you can. We will remain in touch.
From the DRFFA Board

Dallas Retired Fire Fighters Association Application
Retired Dallas Firefighters are encouraged to join the Dallas Retired Firefighters Association. An application can be downloaded by clicking DRFFA Application

Dallas Retired Fire Fighters Association 2017 Scholarship
The Dallas Retired Firefighters Association announces that the DRFFA Scholarship Fund will be awarding six $1000 Scholarships in 2017 to assist members of the Dallas Fire Rescue family in their educational endeavors. Applicants should be able to demonstrate family relationship to a current or retired member of the Dallas Fire Rescue Department. Applicants may be attending or plan to attend either a university/junior college or accredited trade school.
For more information, click on 2017 DRFFA Scholarship Information in the menu bar.

Reminder of Southern Sector Luncheon in Waxahachie :
The next Southern Sector of DFD Retirees Luncheon is scheduled for next Wednesday, March 29 at the Waxahachie Country Club, 1920 W. Highway 287 Business, Waxahachie, TX.
This luncheon will be on the last Wednesday of odd numbered months.

January, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov.

Item: (Posted 11-01-2014)  Please notify Pat Warnock at patriciawarnock12@att.net to request calendars or automobile decals.